Who needs a life when you have an imagination?

Nemo Femmina
I suppose I could start by saying I was one of those "artistic" children (or at least that's how most adults described me way back when) who aren't particularly good at any form or visual art or music. I'm still not any good very good with visual arts although I can play basic songs on the guitar. I didn't like to write until I was in my early teens. Then I discovered the joys of word processors. (Up until that point computers had been solely for playing video games as far as I had been concered) I've made up for my lack of interest since then ;)

I like writing fiction in varying length. I'll write anything from 100 word stories to 50 000 word novels (OHMYNETS NaNoWriMo has been both my enemy and friend for two years now)

I read a fair bit, and a fair amount of that is read online. I drink tea, not coffee - too much caffeine gives me the shakes.
So, I suppose by now you have deduced that I am a nerd.


I like reading fanfiction, which you may have gathered from the comms I've joined.

Bitchy_merlin and moonangelchan are my betas. And BFFLs. Well, they'd have to be to put up with editing my work and letting me bounce ideas off of them.

On a side note, I like to knit.